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mutto233 August 2, 2016 17:54

Creating 2D contour with Cell Data
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Hey All!

I have been looking around and learning a lot about making 2D contours with ParaView vtk files. One of the techniques I have seen used a lot is the following:

- Convert my cell data to point data
- Perform a Delaunay 2D filter on the points to create a triangular mesh
- Contour the data

This works, but because my region is essentially a disc with a hole cut out of it, the hole in the middle is filled in. I would prefer this hole not be filled in.

I was wondering if there is some way to use the Cell Centers feature, then directly use the contour filter. I have attached an example vtk file so you can kind of see what I am looking at. My main goal is to not fill in the circle in the middle of the data.

I would appreciate any help

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