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stridder April 9, 2017 13:52

Plot 3D Flow past obstacle
Good morning,

I'm looking for a nice looking/'impressive' way to visualise 3D fluid development past an obstacle from 3D sumilation done using time-dependent Navier-Stokes. I am more or less familiar with paraview only.
I've seen nice looking plots using Q-criterion, but never used it myself. What data (velocity vectors? or velocity gradients etc?) do I need to do Q-criterion plot?
Is there a another way to visualize in 3D?
Reynolds number is up to 100.
Thank you very much.

flotus1 April 15, 2017 12:56

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Isosurfaces of the Q-criterium always "look nice", especially when colored with the flow velocity.
Same thing applies to the vorticity magnitude (if there is enough vorticity in the flow of course).
There is more than one way to do this in ParaView. One of them starts with a fluid velocity vector result. Apply the filter "gradient of unstructured dataset" on this result. In the properties panel of this filter, you can choose to compute vorticity an Q-criterion. Then apply a "contour" filter and choose a suitable iso-value. You will have to play around a bit with the value. Color the iso-surface e.g. with the velocity magnitude and animate.

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