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TomBot August 25, 2017 04:08

Save Animation Settings
Dear all, when I create videos through Save Animation with big mesh (some million elements with filters) it happens that some frames (random) of the video disappear. The video is created correctly (it is a solid part filled by a liquid), the time moves forward correctly but at some time steps the image (the filling liquid) is not visualized (so in the video you see the liquid appearing and disappearing). I suppose there is in Paraview a set time frame within the single time step image must be saved, if the hardware graphic is not able to upload in the given time frame the corresponding image then Save Animation saves an empty frame.
Any of you can confirm that Save Animation works in that way?
Is it possible to extend the time in within Save Animation saves the single frame?
Thank you
I forgot to say I'm using Paraview 4.4.0

Joshua14 August 25, 2017 12:12

I don't know anything about the length of time to save a frame for a video... but you could save the animation as a series of *.png files. Then any image that is not correct you can replace manually. There is then utilities (in the terminal for linux) that allow you to stitch together the *.png files into a video.

Hope this helps,

TomBot August 26, 2017 07:54

Thank you Joshua for your reply. I had considered your solution but it is rather time consuming.... there are hundreds of saved time steps and it takes some seconds to upload every single frame. Thank you anyway.

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