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Metikurke May 25, 2018 09:05

Calculation of Cp in case of dynamic simulation.
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Hello Dear OpenFOAM users,

I am running simulation of a wind turbine using AMI option available in OpenFOAM, and it is almost in the finishing stages. I am learning to use post process tools, using a test case which I have used to set up and test the dynamic simulation. I would like to compare the results of Pressure coefficient Cp with that of Static simulation results(at 0.27 length of wing). I have used the following link to learn to plot Cp vs x/c and it was really informative.

But my question is, It is easy to do post processing when my wing or in this case this small cylinder is aligned in X,Y or Z direction. But in my case it is at an angle to the Z plane and if I use slice option I will end up getting wrong results. The below two figure shows how my cylinder is aligned at first time step and at the last time step.

Attachment 63591
Attachment 63592

It would be great to know how this extraction of 2d patch is possible in this case. For the users who are interested I have used the following procedure so far.

1. open paraview and load case.foam
2. Chose the required patch
3. Extract surface filter
4. Apply slice filter (Here I am facing difficulty in case of dynamic simulation)
5. Now using calculator we can calculate Cp and (x/c)
6. With he help of spreadsheet view it is possible to save data and plot using gnuplot.

Please let me know If I should follow other approach in case of dynamic simulation involving rotating regions. I would be happy to receive your suggestion.

Thank you,

K. Metikurke

Metikurke May 30, 2018 09:52

Paraview, plotting procedure for cp vs x/c in case of dynamic simulation
dear foam users,

please let me know if I had given below par information. I did go through all the posts in forum about cp(coefficient of pressure) using paraview. All were static simulation and the clip they are doing is easy because the airfoil will be aligned in one of the x/y/z directions. But in my case my simulation is dynamic using AMI, with which the final steps will be arbitrary in direction. In this case it is very difficult for me to clip the airfoil surface along span-wise direction. It would be of great help if anyone can give small hint how to know the normal direction. Whether do we need to apply one more filter?

Thank you
Kanaada Metikukre

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