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vaibhavkhare June 27, 2018 08:50

Unable to run paraview
I have OpenFoam v1712 installed in Windows 10 with docker. All thinga are running fine but when i try to open paraFoam then its shows following error:

ERROR: ParaView reader module library (PVFoamReader) does not exist
Please build the reader module before continuing:
cd $WM_PROJECT_DIR/applications/utilities/postProcessing/graphics/PVReaders

When i run the above command in terminal, it shows:

Using the native VTK/OpenFOAM reader instead
Created temporary 'ofuser.foam'
/opt/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-v1712/bin/paraFoam: line 319: paraview: command not found
[ofuser@default ~]$ cd $WM_PROJECT_DIR/applications/utilities/postProcessing/graphics/PVReaders
[ofuser@default PVReaders]$ ./Allwclean
wclean libso foamPv
wclean libso vtkPVblockMesh
wclean libso vtkPVFoam
[ofuser@default PVReaders]$ ./Allwmake
==> skip build of ParaView plugins
include directory was for paraview major version 'none'

[ofuser@default PVReaders]$

After that, i am not able to go back into my workingDir also.

I have searched for solution but seems like it is a common problem for OpenFoam. Has anyone got the solution of the above error???

cyss38 July 23, 2018 15:44


On windows, the solution is in the help :

More precisely :
"How can I post process the results from OpenFOAM? I am unable to launch Paraview/ParaFoam from terminal?
You will need to install ParaView for Windows separately from ParaView. Create a file with the suffix ”.foam” e.g. type the command ”touch a.foam” in your case folder. Launch ParaView and browse the case folder. Open the file with suffix ”.foam” to start the post processing."

So just install paraview for windows :

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