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ufocfd July 30, 2018 17:25

python script to group/append datasets
I have some paraview python script to draw several boxes, eg:

box = Box(Center=[0, 0, 0],XLength=1.0,YLength=1.0,ZLength=1.0);Show()
box = Box(Center=[1, 1, 0],XLength=1.0,YLength=1.0,ZLength=1.0);Show()
box = Box(Center=[2, 2, 0],XLength=1.0,YLength=1.0,ZLength=1.0);Show()

Next I want to script the selection of all boxes and group them together (?)

This would be useful (grouping all boxes) to either change the representation to wireframe or surface, and to apply a slice to all the boxes. How do I script this, or is there another way to create a group of boxes? ...Thanks

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