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yek_irani July 7, 2019 17:31

Displaying magnitude of in-plane vector components.

I have posted this topic on the Paraview support website, but no one has yet responded. Here is the link to it:
Your help would be appreciated.

I want to make an in-plane cut through a 3D computational domain (CFD/OpenFoam) and visualize velocity vectors. Letís say the plane we are talking about is the Y-Z plane and the cut is at X=0. How can I instruct Paraview (version 5.6.0) to calculate the magnitude of just the in-plane vectors, i.e. sqrt(V_Y^2 + V_Z^2) so that I can visualize the in-plane vector plot overlayed with the color of the newly created Y-Z velocity magnitude?

Thank you for your help.

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