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GrivalszkiP July 6, 2021 06:24

Visualizing parallel simulations - processor contour lines
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If we visualize something that run in parallel in OpenFOAM, we can do it in the decomposed condition. However, If we reduce opacity, we can see the contour lines of the parallel blocks and it is really disturbing. Reconstructing the mesh would be a solution, but it is really time consuming in most of my cases.

Is there a way to filter out somehow these contour lines from the visualization? Here is a picture about the problem:
Attachment 85277

Thank you!


olesen July 8, 2021 13:10

The OpenFOAM datasets (in the reader) need an extra layer of ghost cells to provide the processor to processor connectivity for creating isosurfaces correctly.
This needs to be taken to the paraview discourse forum and/or a (kitware) GitLab issue for it.
We obviously do know the processor-processor connectivity based on the OpenFOAM information, and can even walk the face-face connections. However, generating a ghost cell is not quite so easy. Probably need to markup all of the connected cells on the neighbour and the points used. Send points and connectivity to the other side, but when inserting these additional ghost cells also need to renumber and eliminate duplicate points.
I'm not sure if we could just send across a dummy cell with a single additional vertex - if that would be enough to make the contoured happy.

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