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Danny_cfd August 4, 2021 04:00

Export results from fluent to paraview
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Hello every one,Good morning.

I am currently using fluent to do some simulations and i am also using open foam for the same project. I want to use single post processor paraview in the both cases. For open foam every thing goes well with paraview. However, this is not the case with the fluent to paraview export.

I used the same method as the people described in this forum already. My case is 2D-Steady state case and i want to export 2d temperature profile to paraview.In fluent, I select ensight gold ascii format in solution export although i do not have license for ensight gold, just have fluent.

After that I changed the .encas to .case format and open it in the paraview. However, I get the following error:

Attachment 85734

Dear seniors, please suggest me the solution for this problem. I am extremely thankful for your review and response.


John_P October 29, 2021 00:59

Hi, there appears to be two different slash directions in the file path.

Is one system linux, the other windows perhaps?

tsevine November 20, 2021 14:21

hey, I would use binary format first. If you get error again, you can try CGNS format.

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