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jonlemur August 6, 2007 16:39

ParaView Color Bar malfunctioning
I'm working through the cavity tutorial as found in the documentation page of the main OpenFOAM website, and I'm having a little issue in ParaView with the color bar that shows the different values of the pressure. I inserted the color bar by going to "Edit Color Map" and selecting the "Scalar Bar" "Visibility" button. But when I hover over the bar to move it, the entire 3D view screen changes, and it seems like it's displaying pieces of other windows that are open behind the ParaView window. If I click anywhere in the 3D view window, it goes back to the proper display.

Any help on this is appreciated, and if you need any more information, I'm happy to provide it.


msrinath80 August 6, 2007 19:05

It happens in my laptop as wel
It happens in my laptop as well. Nothing to worry about. Animations/saving images will work flawlessly. It's some trivial OpenGL related issue.

rsungkorn October 15, 2007 05:33

Hi, I'm having a problem u

I'm having a problem using paraview 2.4.4. Everything seems fine when I view the result except when I select the "Scalar Bar" button, the screen is going to be freeze and the system stop working. I've reinstalled paraview again but it doesn't fix the problem.

Can anyone tell me how to fix it ? Thanks in advance


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