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XXLRay November 28, 2011 08:19

How to open pvtu files from freecfd in paraview
First to my background in this CFD stuff: There is none. My hobby is wind turbines and therefore I would like to simulate different turbine blades before I build them.

I searched the forum before asking my question but the topics I found were far too high end for me.

I installed FreeCFD on Ubuntu and executed the included cylinder example. Now I have a bunch of pvtu files and I want to look at them in ParaView 3.4.0.

FreeCFD creates its output in numbered sub folders containing numbered pvtu files. It is easy to open some of them in ParaView. But the only thing I see is a 3D object. I expected to see some fancy colors and moving fluids linke in youtube videos about CFD. My question is now whether I am expecting something wrong from ParaView or - if not - how do I handle ParaView the right way.

There are some tutorials about ParaView but these did not answer my questions.

XXLRay November 29, 2011 09:54

Don't spend effort on this question any more. I think I will switch to OpenFoam.

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