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kerim January 29, 2012 00:59

Water surface profile in OpenFoam dambreak case
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Dear all!
Can someone help me with my problem? I need to build 3D water surface profile for OpenFoam dambreak case. The picture should be like as in attached file. How can I do that? Any help will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

sail January 29, 2012 14:26

Hi karim.

Assuming you have already run the case, you need to open paraview, load the case, make shure that the VoF is loaded (alpha) and then create a contour of 0,5 alpha. Make shure that it is visualized as a surface and there you go.

Hope it helps.

kerim February 9, 2012 19:21

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Hi Vieri,
Thank you for your information. I followed to your suggestion but it doesn’t help me. Please see the pictures I received. There are two of them: the first is the alpha surface plot at the end time and the other is the counter plot -isosurface of alpha value 0.5 at the end time. It is not what I am looking for. Any other idea?


demichie February 20, 2012 04:52

You should try the "clip" filter for alpha with a value of 0.5.


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