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yohey March 15, 2012 13:43

[ParaView] SurfaceFlow filter in python script
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I'd like to calculate SurfaceFlow in batch mode.

The attached case runs correctly in ParaView GUI (Run Script).
But in batch mode, with pvpython or pvbatch, I get empty output.

Would anyone help me on this problem?

I'm using ParaView 3.12.0 + Python 2.6.6.



7islands March 16, 2012 06:25

Hi Yohey

Giving answer without knowing exactly why it works only for the GUI but removing the UpdatePipeline() calls except the last one should work. Typically you only need UpdatePipeline() (if any is required) to the last object in the pipeline since ParaView's demand-driven pipeline mechanism propagates the update pipeline request upstream.


yohey March 18, 2012 08:43

Dr. Oshima

Thank you. It worked successfully.


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