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allaffa August 12, 2012 12:16

Vortex shedding - circular cylinder

I have to develop a numerical project as concerns the vortex shedding due to a circular cylider in a channel with water flowing. My professor compelled me to use the K-E model and told me not to use anu other model because it was the only one which was exposed during lessons.

I have set a problem 2D with Phoenics, the cylinder has a diameter of 0,06 m. It is in a channel whose dimensions are 3,00x1,00 m^2. in z axis i put 0,01m to be sure that the simulation was 2d. The cylinder is 1 metre far from the beginning.

The phenomenon reaches a stable situation at about 85000 seconds and i realize that it is quite strange.

I have to reproduce the result that I have found in litterature for Re=160, 200, 240, 270, 300. For this I have created a steady simulations and then a transient one restarting from the steady. In litterature it is said that the period goes from 70 to 150 seconds.

Anyway the period that i measure exporting the file forces-t.xls in MATLAB is 1500 seconds for the drag and 3000 for the lift.
It is really far from the litterature results.

Someone can help me?

Thanks! :D

cfdnewbie August 25, 2012 07:58

are the literature results for 3d or 2d runs?

allaffa August 27, 2012 11:26

litterature results are from 2d runs

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