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hungipip January 6, 2013 22:13

Why Phoenics terminate the simulation by itself?
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Dear All,

Since I am a new user of Phoenics, I would like to ask some advice from more experienced people.

I encounter the problem as the problem I described in the topic. I have a same q1 file and put into two PC for simulation. One will not terminate the running by itself and another one terminate in the middle of simulation. But the version of Phoenics in two PC are the same. It confuses me a lot of time. Can somebody help me? Attached is the one with problem.

Another question I would like to ask is that how can I check the velocity or other parameters in the Viewer? Because I am running a large exterior case and I need information (velocity) from a lot of location. Is it using "Point History"? I tried but no result in Viewer.

Many Thanks for Help

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