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Efi March 27, 2013 08:25

internal opening-doorway
I am new in the CFD world and I am trying to model an apartment in steady-state, PHOENICS for my research project with internal doorways. I need some help on how to measure the volume flow rate of these 'gaps'. Do i need to set a user-defined object; Is there an easy way to do this as I have no coding knowledge!
thank you

Wikie May 22, 2013 08:38

Hi Efi,

this is something I also did for my previous project.
You have to create a user-defined-object or a NULL object at the place you're interested in the mass flow. After that you have to add some lines in your q1 file. Here ia an example of these lines:

************************************************** **********
Echo save-block settings for Group 7


(make mfb11 is 0.0)
(store1 mfb11 at FL_OB_2 is sum(cnn1))
(print of massflow_bay11 is mfb11)

************************************************** **********

Here a short discription:

store(CNN1) says phoenics has to store the variable CNN1 - it's a predifined variable in phoenics.

(make mfb11 is 0.0) creates the variable mfb11 witch will be the mass flow - don't use more than 5 caracters for your variable naming!!!

(store1 mfb11 at FL_OB_2 is sum(cnn1)) stores the mass flow at your object "FL_OB_2" - this can be a user-defined-object or a null object. "sum(cnn1)" sums up the mass flow at your object in north direction. If your object is orientated in an other direction you have to use CNE1 or CNH1 - CNN1 stands for north direction; CNE1 for east direction and CNH1 for high direction.

(print of massflow_bay11 is mfb11) creates a file - inforout - which has one row named "massflow_bay11" and writes the variable "mfb11" - your mass flow - in it.


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