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DenisK October 16, 2013 10:40

Flow in a porous media
Hello, everyone!
I'm modeling Darsy flow in a porous media. For this problem Phoenics solves the following conservation equation:

d(rho)/dt + div(rho*V) = 0

where rho - density, t - time, V - velosity vector (It can be changed into Darcy velocity vector by means of Path and Darcon).

In the real case of porous media one need to use porosity in the equation:

n*d(rho)/dt + div(rho*V) = 0

where n - gas open porocity.
Question: How make Phenics to use porosity? (I tryed to use VPOR, EPOR et. But the calculation result (pressure and velocity) with and without porosity is the same. So I doubted that the Phoenics correctly used porosity for the conservation equation).
Thank you!

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