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kelbros December 10, 2013 23:28

how to stimulate unsteady flow to steady using fan
hey guys,
I am having problem to simulate the unsteady flow to steady flow by using fan. I want the simulation of the airflows beginning on the fan just started until it reach its full velocity, it is possible to simulate,if it is, can someone guide me or help for tutorial is also big help already. :)

Wikie December 11, 2013 03:44


i'm not sure if I understand your question right, please correct me if I'm wrong. You have one fan in your simulation and you want to start your simulation just in the moment you turn on your fan. The aim of your simulation is to study the velocity profile caused by the fan and its increasing airflow over the time. If so, you might be able to answer the question yourself - time dependent variables (e.g. fan speed or volume flow) => transient simulation ;-)


kelbros December 11, 2013 14:17

Yes Wikie, you absolutely right, sorry for my bad grammar... so do you have any idea or hint?.... i already did the fan... even the time for fan to start is set to be delay 5 second till certain amount of time. However,when i click simulation, it does not happen as i wish. really need guide for this matter. :)

Wikie December 12, 2013 03:38


your grammar is okay, I just want to double check if I understood everything right.
Based on your provided information I can't track down the problem. If I'm right there is a similar described at cham's website. The website seems to be down right now. The documentation of phoenics is a real pain in the neck, I'm using google to search their website (try this at google: serch_term


Wikie December 12, 2013 03:50


you can also have a look at tutorial i216 which you can load via "File->Load from Libraries". In this case two fans are switched on after a certain temperature is reached. It's done with InForm.


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