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Khurram381 April 1, 2015 22:26

CFD Meshing
As we can not create surface mesh in phoenics, but while giving no of cells in domain , i'm getting this error. "Unrecognized material in cut cells"

My turbine size are as under
X = 5028.030
Y = 500.0000
Z = 5718.460

and domain sizes are

X = 10000
Y = 10000
Z = 10000

Can any 1 guide what should be the cell sizes according to this geometry size?

when i set this geometry on auto mesh, im not getting any error, but when i give my own cell size, im getting error. how do i calculate the exact cell size according to this geometry and domain size?

David-G July 24, 2015 13:22

Are you using the most recent version of Phoenics?

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