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RAFFAELA GERMANO October 30, 2017 22:01

configure "effective roughness height"
I am configuring the "wind" object and am having doubts about the configuration of the roughness. Is it necessary to configure "effective roughness height" even though you have already set up "reference height" and "power law index"? or can I consider the default? can anybody help me? thanks.

RD-CHAM November 1, 2017 05:37

Hi Raffaela,

Yes it is necessary, the effective roughness height sets the roughness height at the edge of the domain, this will change depending on what type of surface is in front of the buildings you are analyzing. Whereas the reference height sets the height at which the Wind Speed is specified.

Please see the user manual for more details on all PHOENICS objects.

RAFFAELA GERMANO January 25, 2018 13:50

thank you!

RAFFAELA GERMANO January 30, 2018 08:09

(Phoenics CFD) porosity configure.
I'm trying to set up the porosity of the objects using the porosity field available in the "lock attributes" item, but then I add the value 0.25 and put it to save the modification that the program does not save. I wonder why the program is not saving.

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