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Harry (CHAM) February 14, 2020 10:07

Welcome to the PHOENICS forum - Intro Guide
This forum is to ask questions and discuss areas of PHOENICS software.

The more information you can supply about your problem and the surrounding context the better. Users will be able to supply advice much more readily if you have presented all of your information up front. The CFD-Online administrator has posted an excellent guide for this here.

Useful things to including in a post:
  • What is the context of the problem you are trying to solve: wind flow around a building, particle concentrations of pollutants, inclusions in molten metals, corrosion in pipes, etc.
  • What is your main region of interest, why are you performing this simulation, what do you hope to achieve?
  • What are the boundary conditions and what is the geometry?
  • What mechanisms are involved: is this single-phase, is there any heat transfer, is it laminar or turbulent, is there radiation, etc.?
  • What exactly is the problem you are encountering, have you looked at any of the resources below to find an answer? If so, what did you look at and did it help?
  • What have you tried so far and what has/ has not worked?
  • Any pictures, diagrams, equations, references and error messages.


PHOENICS Documentation
PHOENICS and RhinoCFD Video Tutorials
PHOENICS Tutorials
Example PHOENICS Case Studies
POLIS (PHOENICS On-Line Information System) Encyclopaedia
Reserved names of Patches and Variables
Introductory lectures on PHOENICS
Library cases in PHOENICS

Please note that RhinoCFD is a Rhino plug-in based on PHOENICS software and has a separate forum here.

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