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Jonas Larsson July 14, 2000 09:25

Welcome to this brand new Phoenics User Forum!

The purpose of this forum is to offer Phoenics users worldwide an undisturbed place to exchange ideas and discuss common problems. It also gives potential future Phoenics users the possibility to ask current users for advice. All topics related to software packages sold by CHAM Ltd are welcome. More general CFD questions still belong in the main forum.

CHAM Ltd are aware of this forum and will probably monitor it and answer questions here. However, the Forum is independent and it is not financially supported by CHAM. Enjoy!

Chen Xiaoming September 1, 2000 10:33

how to install Phoenics shareware
I download Phoenics shareware 1.0 (3 disks). But I can't install it on my PC. Can anyone tell me how to manage it? Thanks in advance!

X.M. Chen

H.P. LIU September 25, 2000 08:13

Re: How to couple solute distribution into PHOENIC
I am a beginner for using the phoenics software, I want to use it to development a coupled fluid flow , solidification and solute distribution software for my thesis , but I don't know if PHOENICS can be used to coupled solute distribution into flow and temperature calculation? I will appreciate it if you can reply this question into my E-mail.

Sergei Zhubrin September 25, 2000 09:37

Re: How to couple solute distribution into PHOENIC
There are many applications of PHOENICS for solidification and associated phenomena.

Have a look at annotated lists of PHOENICS Journal of CFD and 'pre-Journal' PHOENICS International Conferences.

Most of the papers therein contain user inputs to allow readers to re-produce author's results with shareware PHOENICS priced to be affordable for the students.

You can also try to find some of the PHOENICS based reports, Msc and PhD thesises on the above subject.


Sergei Zhubrin

Peter Spalding October 9, 2000 05:21

Re: how to install Phoenics shareware

I've seen your message sitting there unanswered - try contacting the Shareware Dept directly via email: or check out the cfdshop for the latest on getting a CD delivery @


Peter Spalding

mechighel Farid January 23, 2001 05:17

how to install Phoenics shareware
how to install Phoenics shareware please

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