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Hafsia August 1, 2000 04:49

Analogic Method for Free Surface flow
Hello, Results, inputs and some informations of the subsequent library cases (450-458) are in the following paper : Brian Spalding - The computation of Flow around ships with allowance for free surface and density-gradient effects. Proceedings of the first Intercontinental symposium on the maritime simulation (June 1985).

If someone can send me this paper which is essential for the comprehension of the library cases.

Best regards.

Hydraulic and Environemental Modeling Laboratory National Engineering School of Tunisia.

Sergei Zhubrin August 1, 2000 07:23

Re: Analogic Method for Free Surface flow
A full description of the 'Variable-blockage' method for computation of flow problems with a free surface used in Spalding's paper is given in CFD85/12 report available for on-line ordering at

It contains the details of mathematical formulations, PHOENICS implementation and comparisons between numerical results and experimental observations.

The on-line ordering for reprints including the paper mentioned will be available soon.

If you order CFD85/12 using the ordering form provided on-line, there is a space available for you to add the title of the additional paper you want, and it will then be delivered as a complimentary copy.

Sergei Zhubrin

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