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mehdi August 4, 2000 14:27


I work on case to simulate a free-surface flow (with SEM and HOL ) classic-the broken dam problem for which both analytical (Stoker 1957, Wu & al 1999) and experimental information (Mohapatra & al 1999 ...)are available for comparison.

I have some problems in order to reproduce the profile of free surface in wet-bed case.

do some one work in this problem before with PHOENICS ?

David Glynn August 17, 2000 13:09

Re: Dam-break
Here at Flowsolve we have undertaken a number of consultancy projects involving free-surface flows, including column-slump problems simulating failures of oil storage tanks. In one such case the object was to predict the volume of oil which would overtop the containment wall. Good agreement with published experimental data was obtained for this case.

We used the SEM method and found it very satisfactory. It is important when using SEM to remember that the time step must be kept within the Courant limit! We found it expedient to develop coding to ensure automatically that this condition is maintained.

benikdes July 1, 2001 05:46

Re: Dam-break
Je travaille sur un sujet de simulation des ecoulements a surface libre et la rupture de barrages. J'ai besoin de quelques programmes de ressolution des equations de Saint Venant et ceux de rupture de barrages.

David Berkowitz October 18, 2001 14:38

Re: Dam-break
I'm sorry, you said something broke?

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