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George Bergantz September 16, 2000 04:55

multiphase issues
Some discussion points regarding multiphase flow:

1) Numerical diffusion continues to be a concern for tracking phase volume fraction (R1, R2) and at my last check, there was no 'higher order' equation for these. Malcolm Andrews developed an algorithm for this a few years ago, perhaps CHAM should consider looking into this.

2) Clayton Crowe has just published a general turbulence model (Int. J. Multiphase Flow) that incorporates the tendency for particles to both supress and enhance turbulence production. This may be an attractive addition to the PHOENICS modeling capability.

3) My Lagrangian particle tracking runs seem to be taking a very long time even for simple flow. Is this usual in other's experience?

What other issues of interest in reacting multiphase flow are out there?

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