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saif September 26, 2000 03:05

3D in VR
hi, i am a new user of VR. i want to construct a simple cylinderical tank with 3 inlets and 1 outlet. i am using the info from tr 326 but it seems incomplete. also how do you select a particular domain material. for e.g. the the fluid inside the tank is air. but the domain maybe of steel. (similiiar to the VR tutorial for pipe flow). also when i plot in vr viewer, i get contours in the entire red square apart from the geometry. how can i get rid fo these problems. saif.

Sergei Zhubrin September 26, 2000 05:47

Re: 3D in VR
Dear Saif,

Please have a look at recently modified tutorial "Flow simulation within a pipe" which I believe is free from the effects you noticed in its older variant. Follow the approach exemplified therein wherever you have to create the flow path carved into solid.

You might also like to download into D_SATELL/D_VRGEOM of your PHOENICS folder, from within the above tutorial, two objects data files, namely, 50bend.dat and 50cyl.dat. They are similar to pipebend.dat and cylinder.dat used in the tutorial. The difference lies in the number of facets used for their shapes with the result that the objects 50***.dat provide more accurate accounts for cross-sectional areas.

Note that the objects have been created using the recently developed shape-making utility available for on-line ordering via cfdShop at VRGEOM page.

The utility provides user-friendly, flexible method to create the variety of object shapes from fully menu-driven, parameterised user inputs.


Sergei Zhubrin

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