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saif October 5, 2000 08:56

hi everyone, i need u guys to help me out with this darcy stuff in phoenics. i am simulating a single phase reaction vessel with three inlets and one outlet. i need to introduce some packing material in the reactor. how can i define this with the help of darcy. its a 2D me. saif.

John Ludwig December 8, 2000 12:40

Re: Darcy
In VR, use a 'Blockage' object made of 'domain material'. Set a linear or quadratic momentum source, depending on the form of the pressure-drop correlation. See Section 5.2.3 of TR/326 for a description of the momentum source options. If the pressure drop correlation is based on 'device velocity', set the area porosities, if it is based on 'approach velocity', you don't need the porosities.

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