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than October 6, 2000 09:50

Inlet and outlet placement
In VR, are inlet and outlet placements limited to the boundary of the domain ? If I have a room with an exhaust duct system made of sheet metal and having several branches ending with suction openings distributed in the space within, how do I specify the outlet at each of the branch end and to obtain the flow field simultaneously in the room and within the duct system ? Thanks for any help. than.

John Ludwig December 8, 2000 12:35

Re: Inlet and outlet placement
Inlets & outlets can be placed anywhere in the domain. Once they are internal, an extra button labelled 'Object side' appears on the Attribute dialog. The settings are 'High' or 'Low', and indicate whether the inlet/outlet is to appear on the increasing-coordinate face or decreasing coordinate face of the object.

A duct communicating with a room can be made of a sequence of 'plate' objects, with gaps left where air passes from one to the other

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