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dilip October 16, 2000 03:19

user material for object
hi everybody, i'm using phoenics 3.2. Is there anyone to help me out on following: (1)how to specify user material for any object? (2)how can i know the properties of any material chosen for any object? (3)where can i get information about different geometries(*.dat files) supplied with the software?

Thanks in advance. Dipak

Sergei Zhubrin October 16, 2000 05:45

Re: user material for object
(1) User specified materials can be attached to any object by using the material numbers relating to the user own material properties created by editing props file of d_earth.
(2) The inspection of a props file of d_earth will show the actual properties related to the material attached to the object.
(3) The general info of the geometries supplied with software can be found here. For the structure of *.dat files and the example of how to modify them look at here.


Sergei Zhubrin

dilip October 17, 2000 00:48

Re: user material for object
Thanks a lot for your help.

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