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Steven Beale October 20, 2000 16:40

Parallel VR Viewer?
One rather basic problem we have using parallel PHOENICS is that at the end of the day, one has to put all the data back together. At the moment our largest problem has 5,000,000 nodes! When we try and view the phi file with the VR-viewer, everything grinds to a halt! Any suggestions (other than using third-party graphics software)?

George Bergantz October 26, 2000 01:45

Re: Parallel VR Viewer?
Hi Steve:

I am not sure just how many parallel PHOENICS users are out there, but as discussed previously, I just use MATLAB for all post-processing. I output lots of phi-type files that we then strip and image with MATLAB. Never tried a simulation as large as yours though!

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