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Saif November 4, 2000 03:54

For Peter spalding
Hi Peter, i have one question which our forum guys cannnot reply back. I need your views. I am simulating flow in a Packed Vessel (partally packed).I have a catalytic bed in the center of my veesel which has a dim of 18.2*4.9m. The bed is about 1m thick. My inlet velocity is about 57m/s. I have three inlets (.6m Dia each) and one outlet (1m dia).Can i use DARCY option in phoenics. if so how can i? i am using Phoenics 3.2. Eagerly awaiting your respones. Saif.

Peter Spalding November 6, 2000 11:25

Re: For Peter spalding
Dear Saif,

It is not really my place to be responding via the CFD Online. It is supposed to be a PHOENICS User Forum rather than a mouth-piece for CHAM. Nevertheless, since you addressed your message directly to me, I can reply as follows (just to show that I do monitor the Forum, you understand!).

1 It would be necessary to know more about actual problem under consideration because there are number of ways to model what is going on in a porous body in terms of fluid flow only, or with heat and mass transfer involved, etc. Using a DARCY approach may have some limitations easily avoidable by using a more representative approach.

2 The general information about the DARCY option can be found via our web site at:

3 There are number of library cases and useful references exemlifying the use of different techniques available in PHOENICS. They may be found by searching for 'POROUS' using CHAM's Website search engine. For example, look at:

I hope you find the above helpful, but if further information is needed on this subject from CHAM, it may be better to use the regular route in the future.


Peter Spalding

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