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dipak November 16, 2000 02:38

periodic boundary condition
How to give periodic boundary condition in PHOENICS?

Thnaks. Dipak

Mike Malin November 16, 2000 05:51

Re: periodic boundary condition
The PHOENICS built-in potions only allow periodic b.c's in the x-direction, which is activated by putting xcycle=t in the q1 input file.

Periodic b.c.'s in the other coordinate directions can be achieved by user-generated GROUND coding, as done for example by:

S.B.Beale,' Laminar fully-developed flow and heat transfer in an offset rectangular plate-fin surface', PHOENICS Journal, Vol.3, No.1, p1, (1990).

PHOENICS documentation on fully-developed periodic flow can be found at the following web address:

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