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Michal Marcinkowski November 30, 2000 08:59

Dear friends, I am just beginning with Phoenics - I wonder how to create BFC mesh on the STL-imported object. Is it possible on VR - level /or on witch it is/ ? Thanks

John Ludwig December 8, 2000 12:19

Re: BFCs
Dear Michal

You do not create BFC meshes for STL-imported objects - You use a Cartesian mesh, and let the Earth solver determine which cells are in the object, and which are out. If the step-wise representation of the surface is unacceptable, you can turn on PARSOL (Main menu/Geometry/Partial Solids Treatment/On), which effectively puts a 'BFC skin' around the object.

If you really really want to run in BFC, you must build a BFC mesh outside VR, and import it. See Chapter 12 of TR/326, PHOENICS-VR reference Guide.

best regards (i powodzenia)

John Ludwig

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