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George Bergantz December 18, 2000 01:51

Does anyone have any experience with MIGAL yet, especially with a non-steady simulation? This seems almost too good to be true and I am excited to hear more about it. Is CHAM planning to port this with their parallel product?

So in terms of a high-performance product how soon will we see a full implementation of the X-cell, MIGAL and parallel (whew!) combination?

Also, will X cell help with the vexing issue of numerical diffusion of phase volume fraction in multiphase flow?

Peter Spalding January 8, 2001 08:04


I see this message has gone unanswered to date. This is because there are so very few MIGAL users thus far. MIGAL will be supplied built into PHOENICS-3.4 as a standard option (due for release later than expected in April 2001) with a free two-month unlock. Until then, only a few pre-release versions have been requested and sent out to Beta sites.

CHAM customers will have seen an overview of MIGAL in the Autumn issue of PHOENICS News, with more detail obtainable from its orginator, Michel Ferry, MFRDC. (

I hope this helps.


Peter Spalding

Riadh Azzawi May 22, 2001 08:48

Dear sir, I understood from your response that MIGAL will be supplied built into PHOENICS-3.4 as a standard option, my question is when PHOENICS-3.4 will be released? And any idea about it's price.

best regards,

R. Azzawi

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