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Amber December 25, 2000 02:04

Using Phoenics to simulate natural ventilation
Dear all, i am a student doing my final year project on using Phoenics to simulate the natural ventilation within residential apartments. I would like to find resources in this area. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

George Bergantz December 28, 2000 02:21

Re: Using Phoenics to simulate natural ventilation
Is it strictly buoyant flow or mixed- buoyant and fans (forced) or time-varying pressure changes outside the environment such as wind gusts or? What is your estimated Reynolds number range? Is temperature important?

Have a look at back issues of the PHOENICS Journal- there are many case examples in there and some may provide guidance.

Amber December 31, 2000 02:38

Re: Using Phoenics to simulate natural ventilation
Dear George,

Thank you so much for reponding to my message. Actually, my project is quite simple. I think i explain it to you briefly. The main purpose of the project is to simulate the airflow within the apartment units, mainly the velocity and the pattern of wind flow. I have chosen KEMODEL in my simulation. I do have a question in mind. Will the incorporation of the roof slab and the floor slab have a impact? At present, my model consists of only the boundary and internal walls. Once again, i wish to express my thanks and hereby wishing you a Happy New Year.

Cheers Amber

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