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Amber January 17, 2001 21:53

Error Stop in Earth
Dear all,

Hi, i am doing a study in natural ventilation using Phoenics, my model is a residential apartment, consisting of 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 2 bedrooms. The problem i am facing now is that the model works well with the closed doors senario. But, if i were to open the door by rotating it around beta, usually 290, the running of Earth would come to an almost immediate stop. The message i got is Error Stop. When i checked for the reason for the stop in the result file, the error is due to missing data in G13S3 and grex3 in Ground. One thing i wish to add is that the turbulence model that i am using here is Lvel, but if i change it to the laminar model, the running of Earth would not have a problem. Can someone please enlighten me on this? Thank you.

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