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H.P.LIU January 18, 2001 08:24

RE:Serious Problem
In VR environmental of PHOENICS 3.3 version for WINDOWS98 and WINNT, when I use OPEN FILE FOR EDITING to edit Q1 file with PIL, then run earth or save as a case, user-defined commenting, variable definition, and parameterization of Q1 are completely lost, It not only cause the error in next running, but also bring us into the trouble because of poor readability and reusability. How can we overcome the problem in VR, please CHAM gives your answer. Thank you!

Michal Marcinkowski January 18, 2001 10:09

Re: RE:Serious Problem
Hi, I'm not from Cham but I had the same problem /in V3.2/ I found that way: -run Satellite -run VR-Editor from Commander without closing Sat -now the changes in Q1 occurs and could be saved /e.g. as a case/ but still - I can't run Earth with my example :( /error:GROUND called but no initial value set! INDVAR = 149 Group No= 11 Sectn No= 1 Patch NAME in INDATA=INIMARK /-maybe it is another story...

God luck!


dipak January 19, 2001 08:25

Re: RE:Serious Problem
Yes i also do the same. But there is another way to modify the Q1 file in V3.2. Run phoenics, do the changes in Q1, exit from VR-editor(i.e exit from phoenics) without saving VR settings to Q1 and generating EARDAT file, then you again run phoenics and run EARTH to see your changes get effected.

The error you find in RESULT file is due to the mistakes in intialisation. The mistakes could be mismatch between the patch(INIMARK) defined in Q1 and GROUND file or could be in GROUND coding alone.

Hope this helps.

Good Luck.


H.P.LIU February 4, 2001 07:39

Re: RE:Serious Problem
Thank you for your kind help! I have tried your suggested means, but when I save a case by using SAVE AS A CASE of FILE after Q1 file is edited in PIL and open the just saved existing case, It is found that the variable define, commenting and some commands is completely lost.Althrough I have referenced the library cases(most library case is provided with Q1 edited by PIL) , I really don't know where the problem is. Could you give me some advice?

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