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Mehdi BEN ELHADJ January 20, 2001 13:52

free surface + moving grid
Consider a horizontal and frictionless channel, which is 1000 m in lenght. A dam site is located at 500 m. The initial upstream-water depth is 10 m, and the vertical dimension of gaz layer is 3m. At time t=0, the dam is broken instantaneously.

I use a space steps of 5 m (200 cells ) in horizontal direction ; 0,5 m (20 cells in upstream-water) in vertical direction and 3 cells in gaz layer in vertical direction. A time step is (20/100) s.

I work with a (2-D) model and using implicit scheme for time and hybrid scheme for convection terms. I use SEM method (Scalar Equation Method) in PHOENICS code.

So, Can I simulate this case with a moving cartesian mesh in BFC with HOL or SEM methods for free surface.

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