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Marko February 24, 2001 07:41

properties settings
Can anyone please help me to set properties for two phases (gas and liquid) in phoenics. it's a 2D container and i'd like it to be filled with gas and the liquid to be placed only at a particular place inside the container. Thank you.

Kike March 8, 2001 11:41

Re: properties settings
Dear Marko

In Phoenics you have the variable PRPS which can be stored (in Q1) and used to fix properties of differents materials. See the file /d_earth/props for details. The variable should be initialized, as usual, in Group 11, so you can insert some lines to "draw" your liquid region. You can edit the file and include some new materials as you want.

I see you are intending to simulate gas and liquid dynamic, so you should be worried about how to track the interface. Are you already decided for the tracking method in Phoenics?

Inside the documentation of tracking methods you will find the use of PRPS variable and other parameters as IPRPSA, and IPRPSB, for instance.

Depending on your interest in the accuraccy for interface tracking process, maybe we will talk again in this forum.

One more question; is the Surface tension force relevant in your simulation?

Best regards


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