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YJ February 26, 2001 09:44

I am a new user of PHOENICS3.3. I have a problem now. Can anyone help me? I want to compile EARTH, so I install compaq visualfortran 6.5 under the path c:\program files\, but when I COMPILE EARTH, something wrong happened. There are many "bad command or file name" appear on the screen. And I try to modify the batch file of phoenics and failed. could you give some information and instruction? Thank you for your reply. 我是 PHOENICS3.3 的一耕АN蚁衷谟幸桓鑫侍狻κ稳四馨镏衣穑课 蚁胍嗤粒虼宋野沧胺径 c:\program files\ 下面的 compaq visualfortran 6.5 ,但是当我编土时, 有些不对发生。有许多 “ 坏命令或文件名字”在屏幕上出现。并且我试着修改 phoenics 的批文件并且失败。你能给一些信息和说明吗? 谢谢你的答复。

H.P.LIU February 27, 2001 10:08

Re: 怎么编土?
I have the same problem when PHOENICS is installed under win98, you can try to install PHOENICS3.3 under WINNT workstationn and WIN2000 professional operationg system. and modify the windf.bat to direct to the correct compiler path.

Mike Malin March 1, 2001 06:57

Re: 怎么编土?
Some general advice is given below for some common compiler problems encountered with PHOENICS Installations when clicking the 'compile' button from the VR Environment.

BAD COMMAND ERROR ----------------- "If 'Bad command..' is encountered when attempting to compile via the v3.2.0 VR Environment, the problem is usually because the path name to dfvars.bat is incorrect in the file /phoenics/d_utils/d_windf/windf.bat.

The relevant part of the windf.bat file looks like:

set DFDir=c:\Progra~1\Devstu~1\DF


echo Adding DIGITAL PHOENICS to path

path = \phoenics\d_utils\d_windf;\phoenics\d_utils;%path%

call %DFDir%\bin\dfvars.bat

When the DVF compiler was installed on your computer it may have not been placed in the directory:

c:\Progra~1\Devstu~1\DF\bin\dfvars.bat (for V5.0 of the compiler) or

c:\Progra~1\Micros~2\DF98\bin\dfvars.bat (for V6.0 of the compiler)

but in some other directory or even a different drive. For example, some users install phoenics on the d drive, but the digital compiler is installed on the c drive. This is non-standard and requires the user to modify his windf.bat script accordingly.

Note that for V5.0 the dfvars.bat compiler normally resides in:

c:\Program Files\DevStudio\DF\bin\

and for V6.0, it resides in:

c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\DF98\bin\

The path \Microsoft Visual Studio\ has to be truncated to \Micros~1\ or \Micros~2\, etc depending on how many Microsoft directories are located under the directory Program Files, e.g. Microsoft Office, Microsoft Front Page, etc

The solution to these problems is then to determine the location of the dfvars.bat file on your computer and then to correct the path name in the file windf.bat.

OUT OF ENVIRONMENT SPACE ERROR ------------------------------ The 'out of environment space' message may be cured by inserting the following line in your c:\config.sys file:


If this doesn't work, then try the following:

When you click on 'compile' and then on 'GROUND', you can try increasing the environment memory for the window in which the compilation is supposed to take place, i.e. click on the 'properties' of the window, then click on 'memory' and then under 'Initial Environment' change 'Auto' to say '4096'. This should be equivalent to the 'config file' suggestion I made above, but this suggestion allows 4MB rather than 1MB for the environment space memory.

TWO MANY PARAMETERS ------------------- The error message 'two many parameters' may be cured by modifying the file


so that the path statement:

echo Adding DIGITAL PHOENICS to path path = \phoenics\d_utils\d_windf;\phoenics\d_utils;%path%

is replaced by:

echo Adding DIGITAL PHOENICS to path path = \phoenics\d_utils\d_windf;\phoenics\d_utils;c:\dos ;c:\windows\command

This means the path is set explicitly, rather than adding to an existing path by the use of %path%.

xyj March 3, 2001 12:11

thank you Re: 怎么编土?
thank you for your help

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