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lizihujx February 27, 2001 03:10

solid fuel burning

I want to simulate the burning of solid fuel .The solid fuel is vaporized to gas,which will react with O2 on boundary layer.My task is to get the fuel surface regression rate. Vaporizing of the fuel is primarily sustained by the rate of heat transfering from gas to the surface by conduction and radiation. The surface regression rate depends on the fuel surface tmperature. And mass transfer from the surface to the boundary layer.

Can Phoenics solve the problem?Thank you.

Lizi 2001.2.28

Sergei Zhubrin March 1, 2001 09:00

Re: solid fuel burning
Yes, PHOENICS can handle this problem and the 7 gases model is a good starting point.

The basic description of what is involved in the model can be found here.

A few examples of its use are as follows:
  1. Coke burning in a grate stoker
  2. Coal-fired utility boiler
  3. Rotary kiln for particulate refuse
The first of them is, probably, the most relevant for you and especially useful for the newcomers. For Q1 file contains, in PLANT statements, all settings and model formulations open for user inspection and modifications provided you have got the re-compilable PHOENICS.

All maintained users can freely download the above Q1 files from User Support Pages.

Sergei Zhubrin

mohammed al-dabbas May 9, 2001 06:38

Re: solid fuel burning
please send me detail about this subject

gorkem September 20, 2012 05:26

Which multiphase model did u used ?

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