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Richard March 11, 2001 16:38

Additional Convection Term
Dear Sir:

How can I add an additional convection term for concentration but not add on to other variables ? (U+U-thermolphoresis)


richard March 15, 2001 01:20

Re: Additional Convection Term
Is there any know the answer ?

Kike March 15, 2001 04:42

Re: Additional Convection Term
Dear Richard

Please be a little more specific. If you want to add an specific dependency for convection coefficients for any variable, independently from the rest, you have the GROUP 8 in GROUND. In that case you will modify the convective fluxes across the cell faces, so you have to take into consideration the relation between the dependency you want and the solved variable.

You have also a possibility by using a source term inside the GROUP 13. In my oppinion it is more secure, because you don't need to "touch" the "original" convection coefficients.

What is your "concentration" variable: R1, R2, MIXF, C1...?



Richard March 15, 2001 05:12

Re: Additional Convection Term
Thank you for your answer. This is a problem about a concentration ( some species or spray or particle ) that the convection effect not only from the continue phase but also the thermal-phoresis velocity (Can the U1AD be used for this case ?) So it is also applied for electrophoresis effect. We would like to add this as convection term to compare to the method adding to the source term.

Best regards

Kike March 19, 2001 04:10

Re: Additional Convection Term
Formally, I don't see why not. U1AD will be a constant velocity added to the U1 velocity in convective term for that PHI variable.

I don't know the dependency of the thermal-phoresis velocity from some other parameters in your simulation. I presume it will depend on the dynamic of the rest of species (droplets in the spray or particles) and it will force you to program some lines into the GROUP 8. Good luck


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