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H.P.LIU March 21, 2001 08:42

GENTRA Problem
I use the PHOENICS 3.3 for WINNT, According to CHAM announcement, it should contains the standard GENTRA model,but when I use the GENTRA menu in Satellite after Q1 file for the liquid phase is generated in VR environment, It is impossible to load the Q1 file and activate the GENTRA menu by the 'choose Menu' option at the same time, i.e. It can't load the Q1 file that has been defined in VR, How can I overcome the problem, is it possible to use GENTRA model in VR environment? Please give your suggestion!

Mike Malin March 21, 2001 11:23

Re: GENTRA Problem
Quite simply, you must not use VR and GENTRA in combination. They are not designed to work together because GENTRA pre-dates VR in the CHAM software development cycle. At present, GENTRA can only be used in combination with the Satellite Menu. Earlier this year in January, this matter was discussed in this very Forum under the heading 'Implementation of Stress and GENTRA'.

H.P.LIU March 22, 2001 09:07

Re: GENTRA Problem
Thank for yor help, you mean that PHOENICS 3.3 for WINNT can't be used for GENTRA simulation in VR, however, when I use the General menu in Satalite and define the Q1 file and run EARTH, the Q1 file defined in Satalite is automatically transfered to VR environmental and modified the file format . So the GENTRA simulation is't useful in PHOENICS 3.3, am I right?

Mike Malin March 22, 2001 09:18

Re: GENTRA Problem
GENTRA is not designed to be used in combination with VR on ANY version of PHOENICS. Unfortunately, there is no protection to prevent users from attempting combinations and so problems may occur. I believe it is posssible for a expert user to introduce GENTRA settings into a VR Q1, but it would require great care. The intention is that in future releases the VR Editor will be extended to allow GENTRA settings to be made via the VR Menu and dialogue boxes.

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