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Leon Mills March 23, 2001 00:34

Time Dependent Data
I am currently using Phoenics to solve some time dependent fire scenarios. How can I view the information at 5 sec, 10 sec...


Kike March 23, 2001 04:52

Re: Time Dependent Data
Dear Leon

I know at least two ways to do that. The first is to insert the following commands into Q1: scg1=X idispa=n

where X is a letter to identify the saved files sequency and n is the number of time step between each one them.

So, you know your time step interval and you can select n to obtain PHI(PHIDA)-like files as Xn, X2n,X3n,... (or XnDA, X2nDA, X3nDA,... if PHIDA=T in your prefix file).

The second way is valid in case of 2D simulations only. You should insert the line idispa=n into the Q1 file and, at the end of simulation you will can read a file named PARPHI (or PARADA depending on the value of the logical variable PHIDA in prefix).

The advantage of the later is that you will have each time step saved as a Z direction axis inside the result file. It can allows you to do (with PHOTON) really nice animations after.

Nevertheless, the former way allows you to read each file Xn during the execution, you don't have to wait to the end, as in case of PARPHI (or PARADA), and you can save 3D fields on each Xn file.

I hope this helps you, maybe somebody else knows another way inside PHOENICS. PHOENICS had change their User Interfaces (VR Viewer) since a couple of versions (3.1 for Windows, and 3.2 for linux, I think) and maybe you can find better ways inside those versions. Good luck


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