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JC COUILLET April 11, 2001 12:31

diagram (variable - time)
I am running a unsteady problem. I have got different PHI files corresponding at different results at interval of time. But I just need now to have the diagram of a variable (concentration C1, for example) as a function of the time. How to obtain such a diagram? Thanks for your help.

Kike April 12, 2001 07:33

Re: diagram (variable - time)
Dear Jean Christophe

You can ellaborate "USES" to read multiple phi files from PHOTON (one at a time) and from AUTOPLOT (40 at a time). What kind of "diagram" you want to generate, contours with PHOTON or plots with AUTOPLOT?



JC COUILLET April 13, 2001 09:53

Re: diagram (variable - time)
Thanks for your message Kike I just want to have a plot-diagram with - y-axis = C1 concentration - and x-axis the time corresponding to one point of the space domain. I was thinking that it could be possible to generate such a file in configurating the VR-editor. Is it possible? Sincerely J-C

Kike April 18, 2001 12:05

Re: diagram (variable - time)
Dear JC

I let VR just at its first version, so I don't know so much about the last achievements of CHAM in that way.

According what I remember, it is not possible. VR Viewer do not admit "use" command and I don't know how to handle multiple PHI files at the same time using it. Sorry!



David Glynn June 18, 2001 09:54

Re: diagram (variable - time)
All you have to do is to create an object in VR (a small one, covering the cell in question) with object type PROBE. You can have more than one of these. The results are tabulated against time and appear (I think) in the RESULT file. You can then arrange to plot them.

Alternatively you can do what I do myself, which is very flexible: in Ground, open a file (or files) to receive tabulated values in Group 1, and then dump the appropriate values to the file at every time step in Group 19 chapter 6. Of course, this presupposes that you have access to ground!

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