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never-say-never April 17, 2001 00:07

files for a restart & photon?
What are all the files that must be saved for a restart? Beside phi, must eardat be saved?

What about photon, what files must be saved so that photon can be used at a later date?

thank you

dilip April 17, 2001 04:27

Re: files for a restart & photon?
Save as a case(available in phoenics commander) , all the relevent files will be saved. Next time, while you open that case, files will be copied in your working directory. Mainly three files are required q1,result and phi files.

Hope it helps.

David Glynn June 18, 2001 09:48

Re: files for a restart & photon?
All the restart data comes from the PHI file. The restart run will generate a new PATGEO file for PHOTON, so you don't need to worry about that. You certainly don't need to save EARDAT.

If you load an existing case using the VR file-handling facilities, the old PHI will be recovered. So if you click "restart for all variables" under Initialisation in the menu, you will get a restart from the old PHI.

If you want to restart from a different PHI (e.g. to start a transient run from a steady solution), you may need to copy the PHI file yourself. Remember PHOENICS always restarts from the file called PHI (or PHIDA as the case may be), in the working directory.

Hope that's helpful!

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