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Akram Joda May 16, 2001 05:43

How can I draw by photon
I am a new user of phoenics.I use phoenics 1.4 .How can I use photon to draw my problem. akram.

Kike May 16, 2001 06:01

Re: How can I draw by photon
Hi, Akram

Define this, please: "to draw my problem". Kike

Akram Joda May 17, 2001 03:24

Re: How can I draw by photon
Hi, Kike My problem is laminar between two plates in two dimensions with two restrictions.I want to create plot of results(p1,v1,w1) by use photon .I use phoenics 1.4

Kike May 17, 2001 05:22

Re: How can I draw by photon
Hi, Akram

Assuming you have your results in "xy" plane, try this into PHOTON:

con p1 z 1 fi;0.001 [RETURN]

for 15 pressure solid contours.

If you put "sh" instead "fi" you can define the number of contours and the interval of values. Do the same for the rest of stored (solved) variables.

If you write

vec z 1 sh [RETURN]

you will have a vector map of your flow field. You can change the vectors component and the vectors reference value, among other things.

For help try simply ? [RETURN]



Akram Joda May 22, 2001 09:48

Re: How can I draw by photon
Hi Kike:- Where I write this command . In Q1 file or where?. Akram

Kike May 29, 2001 04:23

Re: How can I draw by photon
Hi, Akram

Not into the Q1 file but directly at PHOTON prompt [Command:].

When you have finished your run and the PHI or PHIDA file is ready, open PHOTON and type:

p [RETURN] phi (or phi if you have saved it) [RETURN several times] con u1 z 1 fi;0.001 [RETURN]

You can substitute u1 by v1, p1 or any other saved variable.

If you have troubles you can alwats type the sign ? directly at the prompt to see the general help.



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