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yj June 6, 2001 21:36

where the stlcham is?
In phoenics/d_intfac/d_cadpho/stlcham.htm, it said that there exist a program call STLCHAM that can change CAD geometry into VR geometry. But where the stlcham is? In phoenics, I can't find it. I didnt want use VR to import a CAD stl file, I hope I can use stlcham to change CAD stl file into VR geometry. Where I can find the program STLCHAM? By the way my phoenics version is 3.3.

Mike Malin June 15, 2001 11:03

Re: where the stlcham is?
The program STLCHAM no longer exists as a stand-alone program because it has been absorbed into the VR-Front End source code, i.e. it resides within the executable satexe and is not accessible to the user in source form. Therefore, PHOENICS-VR now imports CAD files directly, as explained in Chapter 7 of TR326 (see tr326/cadimprt.htm)

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