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Leon Mills July 3, 2001 00:21

Time Dependent Heat Sources
I am trying to have a heat source in a room time dependent, so that the heat output (kW) is governed by the time.

Can someone please help me with what variables to manipulate.



ps: I have phoenice 3.3

Kike July 3, 2001 05:22

Re: Time Dependent Heat Sources
Dear Leon

I could'nt understand what does "a room time dependent" means, but here I send you an idea. We can keep in touch for more details if you want.

Add a source term for the variable you are solving to: TMP1 or H1. I recommend you AREA type source term and CO=FIXFLU. After you can define the time dependent heat flux in GROUND.

Besides the index of your solved variable, I think in GROUND you should manipulate the time step index ISTEP and the usual VAL index for source term value.

Insert the proper code into Group 19 of GROUND to calculate the desired heat time dependent flux (say HTFLUX) at the begining of time step, for instance (choose the right section). Insert the lines to add the VALue for your source term into the solved variable into the Group 13.

Every sweep the Group 13 is visited and the source term is added to the equation of your solved variable and every time step the Group 19 is visited to update the heat flux.

Try to choose a proper time step in order to avoid strong changes in your source term. You can also use more sweeps or a relaxation for your variable.



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