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zhouyun July 3, 2001 23:14

gas-liquid multiphase flow
I am a new user of phoenics. I use phoenics 3.3. I want to simulate gas -water flow in a ladle. In library P 220,there is an example about this,but I want to edit the example through the main menu. please help me!!! Thank you !

Kike July 4, 2001 05:34

Re: gas-liquid multiphase flow
Dear Zhou Yun

I will give you a schedule.

(a) Please read several messages you will find at this FORUM about this topic.

(b) Check in POLIS the information you have about the methods disscussed to simulate two-phase flows in PHOENICS (VOF, Level Set).

(c) Try with the provided examples, as they are into the library.

(d) Ask yourself about how to adapt this example to your case.

(e) Ask here about the EXACT thing you want to change or introduce: i.e. How can I consider surface tension effects?

If you have done (a), (b), (c) and (d) then please do (e). I will be pleased to answer you, if I know how to do what you want to do.



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